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Faculty/Staff Directory Minimize

District Staff Email Address Academic Area Ext.
Ross, Pat District Superintendent 2304
Stuart, Kristine District Treasurer 2303
Bute, Michael MS/HS Principal 2101
Manz, Tim Elementary Principal 2202
Gottke, Harold District IT Director 2137
Barnett, Cathy District Technology Integration Coordinator 2103
Schilb, Peg District Curriculum Coordinator 2139
Altimus, Drew Athletic Director 2111
Rogge, Diana Guidance 2143
Curry, Jestine Director of Student Services 2205
Altimus, Drew Health/Phys. Ed. 2111
Bagley, Kayla Library/Media Specialist, HS Language Arts 2136
Bailey, Pam Title I 2221
Billman, Shelly Preschool 2216
Bok, Julie Title I 2209
Boterf, Jan Gifted Education 2155
Brooks, Crystal 2nd Grade 2213
Burkheimer, Ava HS Resource Room 2132
Ehrhart, Cord HS Math 2129
Feasby, Zacory MS Social Studies 2151
George, Brittni 1st Grade 2218
Geyer, Becky 4th Grade 2225
Girlie, Lisa HS/MS Art 2142
Hammer, Amy 1st Grade 2219
Hammer, T.J. Life Skills 2144
Hibbard, Donna Kindergarten 2214
Hoeppner, Josh Health/PE/HS Resource 2153
Jewell, Susan HS Math, Technology 2145
Kennedy, Tina Kindergarten 2217
Lehman, Daniel HS Social Studies 2125
Lichty, Erin Elem. Resource Room 2210
Long, Harla HS Math/MS Lang. Arts 2150
Mabis, Linda 5th Grade 2229
McKibben, Robin 5th Grade 2228
McMichael, Courtenay Kindergarten 2215
McMichael, Scott Physical Education 2110
Miesle, Pat HS Social Studies 2126
Miller, Mary Jane 2nd Grade 2212
Newell, Andrea Band/Music 2114
Owusu-Safo, Shari Elementary Resource Teacher 2224
Reutter, Areli Spanish 2127
Reyes, Jassmine MS English/Reading 2149
Runk, Krista MS Resource Teacher 2148
Scharr, Katie 1st Grade 2211
Schindler, Chad Preschool 2220
Schott, T.J. HS Language Arts 2128
Short, Jon Math 2154
Sisson, Wade HS Science 2121
Smazenko, Betty 4th Grade 2226
Smith, Mary Music 2208
Sorrell, Amy HS Language Arts 2124
Staas, Renee 5th Grade 2227
Tempel, Emily 3th Grade 2231
Tempel, Kurt MS Science 2159
Tomlinson, Jeff MS Math/MS Language Arts 2152
Vail, Lynette 3rd Grade 2223
Weirich, Rick HS/MS Industrial Tech 2115
Williamson, Pam Intervention Specialist 2157
Zuber, Ryan HS Science 2123
Classified Staff
Altic, Deb Cafeteria Manager 2309
Barnhouse, Heather Elementary Library Aide 2133
Boesch, Laura PS Aide
Bute, Lynn   Grounds Maintenance  
Hounshell, Chris     2701
Jones, Kathleen   Custodian  
Laker, Donna MS Resource Room Aide 2156
McDorman, Amanda   HS Aide  
Pendergrast, Tianne   Aide  
Ricard, Deb   Custodian  
Rohrs, Michael   Maintenance  
Ryan, Lisa PS Aide  
Schmidt, Michael   Custodian  
Slattman, Brenda Elem. Aide  
Wann, Deanna   PS Aide  
Wenninger, Kate Speech 2119
Wiedman, Dan Maintenance Supervisor 2307
Office Staff
Cline, Jama School Nurse 2206
Kosch, Greta Elem. Office Secretary 2200
Coleman, Denise MS/HS Office Secretary 2100
Smith, Kathy District Office Secretary/EMIS Coordinator 2300
Wyckoff, Deb Assistant Treasurer 2302


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