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Community Facts
The Antwerp Local School District is located in Antwerp, Ohio, a rural community located between Ft. Wayne, Indiana and Defiance, Ohio. State Route 49 and US 24 intersect in Antwerp. Antwerp has several businesses and tourist points of interest (

School Facts
The Antwerp Local School District is currently organized into an elementary school (PK-5) ,a middle school (6-8) , and a high school (9-12). All of the district's approximately 680 students are housed in a new, state-of-the-art PK-12 building at 303 S. Harrmann Road. The school year consists of four nine-week grading periods. Antwerp High School, a four-year public high school, with an average enrollment of 350 students, is fully accredited by the Ohio Department of Education. Both the high school and middle school are on an eight-period schedule.

A comprehensive guidance program is provided by one fully certified counselor. One counselor is involved in educational, personal, and vocational counseling in groups and on an individual basis.

The high school curriculum includes over 90 different course offerings, including band and choir, and allows students to design academic programs to meet their individual needs. Students also take courses not offered at our district through an Interactive Video Distance Learning. Juniors and seniors are offered over 20 technical programs at Vantage Career Center . Throughout the district, five resource room teachers and additional aides meet the needs of our special education students.

Class rank is determined on an unweighted 4.0 scale.

Grade Point System

Grade Range
A 4.0-3.67
A- 3.66-3.33
B+ 3.32-3.01
B 3.00-2.67
B- 2.66-2.33
C+ 2.32-2.01
C 2.00-1.67
C- 1.66-1.33
D+ 1.32-1.01
D 1.00-0.67
D- 0.66-0.33
F 0.00

Academic Pride Cards
The academic Pride Incentive program is based upon the grade point average for each nine-week period. To be eligible for consideration a student must have a minimum 3.33 grade point average, have completed the appropriate application, and be taking four core subjects. Individuals who are involved with suspensions, Saturday school, etc. are not eligible for consideration and/or forfeit program incentives.

Extracurricular Programs
Antwerp's extracurricular program consists of twelve interscholastic sports, Scholastic Bowl, Model U.N., S.A.D.D., Color Guard, National Honor Society, Band and Choir. The Varsity programs include cross-country, football, golf, volleyball, basketball, baseball, softball, track & field, and cheerleading.

The Antwerp Local School District has five fully-equipped computer labs plus access to wireless laptops. Elementary classrooms have an average of five computers per room. All district computers are networked and have access to the Internet. The technology curriculum includes courses in programming, multimedia, web design, business applications, and system literacy. The Student Technology Services (STS) program offers tech support to the entire district.



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